2000ml/h Spray Dryer, Glass tower

Mã: PSD-2G



Max capacity


Temperature range of inlet air


Temperature range of outlet air


Spray system

 Two-fluid nozzle

Material of spray tower 


Precision of temperature

 ± 1oC

Dryer time


Particle size

 5-110 μm

Feeding mode

 Peristaltic pump adjusting

Feed rate

 50~2000ml/h (Adjustable)

Nozzle size


Spray direction

 Downwards co-current

Heater Power

 8800W/220V/50Hz (for fast drying)

Air compressor

 Buil-in oil-free air compressor, 8L, 0.55KW

Dried powder restoring rate

 ≥ 92%

Dimension (WxDxH)


Auxiliary parts: 

 Glass dryer chamber, glass cyclone, separator, sample collecting bottle, connecting pipe, flexible pipe, clamp, spacers, bend, vent pipe


The lab spray dryer is mainly used for powder production in lab. It is widely used in college,research institute and food or medicine field.The dryer suits all kind of solutions like emulsion and suspension.It also suits to thermal sensitive materials such as biologicals, biopesticide and enzymes. Activity of the material won’t get affected when drying.

1, 4, 6, 13. The Clamp

2. The exhaust pipe

3. The nut

5. Cyclone separator

7. Collect bottles

8. Atomizer

9. The peristaltic pump

10. Touch screen

11. The drying chamber

12. Power switch

14. Collect tube


  • PLC automatic control, more convenient for you to control and manage
  • 7” LCD touch-screen display: inlet air temperature/outlet air temperature/pump speed/air volume/needle frequency
  • High speed of drying, after spraying of the material liquid, the surface area of material will be increased greatly, make your research more efficient
  • Stainless steel material, arc corner design and polyester powder coated shell, prevents corrosion of acidity and alkaline air effectively.
  • Build in oil-free air compressor
  • Self-priming peristaltic pump, avoid secondary pollution, make sure whole process conducted steady & smoothly
  • Narrow size distribution, more than 95% of the dry powders are in the same range of particles
  • Innovative tower wall purging device, improves the material recycling rate
  • High speed of drying, after spraying of the material liquid, the surface area of material will be increased greatly, make your research more efficient
  • In the hot-air flow, 95%~98% of water can be evaporated at a moment
  • Interface: English touch screen, all parameters can be set on the screen.
  • Shutdown protection function: the system will stop when pressing the stop button, all parts except the fan will stop working. Heating system won’t be damaged in this way.


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